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What is a ghost light? 


It’s a light bulb on top of a tall stand placed center stage.  It serves the practical purpose of lighting up an otherwise dark theatre stage for safety at night.


A ghost light is so much more.


It’s also part of a superstition to appease the spirits that reside in every theatre.  When a ghost light is placed on stage at night, the brightness allows those spirits to perform their own shows in the empty venue.  In return, the ghosts will not interfere with any other productions.


We chose the name Ghost Light due to its symbolism.  A dark theatre emits sadness.  It’s the sign of a struggling company or one that has closed its doors.  As long as the ghost light shines, theatre will never fade away into the darkness.


Our mission here at Ghost Light Theatre Group is to pay tribute to the past, support the artist of now, and light the stage for the next generation.  We embrace new plays and emerging artist.  Our goal is to impact the world around us by commenting on contemporary issues and tell engaging stories in majestic, awe-inspiring ways.


Artistic Director:  David Gasperetti

Wisconsin based theatre company.  Formerly London, United Kingdom.

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