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Trent and Liam have completed one last job which hopefully has freed them from their mafia ties. Set in the Florida Everglades, these two brothers must learn how to become a real family. Just as their bond seems to strengthen, two strangers arrive at their hard-to-find home. Are these people here by accident, or have they been sent by other members of the family? Or worse: are these people closer to Trent and Liam than they realize? A dark, gritty, physical new drama that explores how perilous escaping the past can be.


Show contains adult themes and language.


This is the London preview for our full 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe run.


This show also features a “Pay What You Think” price scheme.  Entry is free.  Upon exit, please donate what you think the performance was worth.  Proceeds go to help offset production costs for the Edinburgh run.


To reserve a seat, please contact The Space directly.


The Space

269 Westferry Road

London E14 3Rs

Box Office Phone:  020 7515 7799

Box Office Email:

Tickets Online:

Venue Website:

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