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"Family Values at theSpace on the Mile (Venue 39) is simply one of the best performed and presented dramas that I have seen on this Fringe, or any Fringe that I have reviewed.  The quality of the production, story and most of all the acting is so far above what can sometimes be found at performances that it stands out immediately like a bright shining light.  This performance could easily transfer now (with a few little changes here and there maybe) to any of the major theatre spaces in Edinburgh and be a hit."  Tom King


"This thriller play is a solid and focused piece of theatre, and I would see it again if the opportunity arose in the future." Chris Omaweng ★★★★★ London Theatre 1



"Family Values is a well written dramatic piece that really grips the audience and draws them, possibly unwillingly, into Liam and Trent’s dark and murky world. I found it to be a deeply engrossing edge of the seat production that held my attention throughout and left me wanting to know more." Terry Eastham ★★★★ Last Minute Theatre Tickets


"Family Values by Michael Dalberg is pure theatre with a good splash of violence. Expertly directed by David Gasperetti, Ghost Light theatre tell the story of two brothers, Liam and Trent, caught in a spiral of Mafia family lies and destruction." Dixon Baskerville ★★★★ Broadway Baby


"A frustratingly brilliant production showing the remains of a very complicated family." Dayna Jeynes ★★★★ Everything Theatre


"Overall Family Values is slickly-written and full of humour, even as it tackles themes of violence, lies and family. It is well-staged and the actors are universally excellent. Highly recommended." Caroline Cawley ★★★★ Fringe Guru

All Photo Credit:  Roberta Bellekom

Family Values

By Michael Dalberg​

July 27-30, 2016 - London

August 5-27, 2016 - Edinburgh


Director:  David Gasperetti

Trent:  Federico Moro

Liam:  Ivan Comisso

Frank:  Tino Orsini

May:  Virginia Byron

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